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Can i use this projector as TV ?

Yes, this projector has embeded Android 4.4 OS and you can use it as an Android TV box

is this projector harmful to eye ?

1: No direct light, it's only diffused reflected light. Which is better for you and your child's eye.

2: You can enjoy giant screen entertainment with this product. Big screen gives less strain on eyes as the eyeballs move all around the screen giving exercise to the eyes which results in to less strain on eyes.
3: Overall it is designed for long hours of strain free continuous entertainment.

How many hours can i use  this projector independently without power supply ?

Afer fully charged, under energy-saving mode, it can work 3 hours approximately

Will the projector get overheated after working a couple hours ?

Nope, this projector is low in engery comsumption, we tested it in normal temperature, after 10 hours non-stop working, not over-heated

How to update the firmware ?

Please download the app from the left side colum and update to the lastest software

Why are the prices  different in different countries

It depends on operating costs, customs duty, taxes, and other factors, which are different and different countries. We have aimed to set the lowest feasible price for users all over the world

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