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A: Turn on / Turn off
1. Push the sliding cover on the host under full power condition, Indicator light of the key board will turn to red.
2. Click the boot button on the remote control or the device, Indicator light will turn to blue, then the device will boot as default program and enter Windows10.
3. Click the shutdown button on the remote control, indication for shutdown selection will appear, select confirmation, turn - off, indicator light turn to red, close the sliding cover on the device, indicator lights off.

4. Press on/off key on the device for 3 seconds and shut down directly.

B: How to adjust the focus?
1. Under appropriate distance between mobile device and projection screen, adjust focus as per following method - adjust icon until projection screen is clear.
2. Press the focus adjustment key+ or key- on the remote control repeatedly until projection screen is clear.
3. Press the up key or down key on the host keystroke board to adjust focus.

C: How to connect device?

Windows10 wireless WLAN connection.
1. Click the network status icon in the notification area on the right side of the task bar.
2. Click the name of the wireless WiFi that you’d like to connect.
3. Point connection, enter the network security key, point confirmation to complete the network connection process

D: How to achieve same screen?

Phones - Apple
1. Press remote control or device signal source key to enter the signal source interface, select the same screen signal source.
2. Press remote control push switch key, select DLNA / AirPlay mode in the same screen interface.
3. Enter WLAN settings in the mobile phone, select the same screen device network, enter password with 12345678, exit the settings interface after connection successfully.

4. Slide up from the bottom of the screen, control center appears, point AirPlay.

5. The phone will search the device with it;s name as pre-named name , turn on the mirror switch, and then phone and projector will be at the same screen.

Phones - Android

1. Press remote control or device signal source key to enter the signal source interface, select the same screen signal source.
2. The same screen interface automatically enters the previous wireless same screen mode each time when it powers-on, plse select Miracast via pushing switch key on the remote control.
3. Have the mobile phone WLAN set and connect to the local wireless WIFI.

4. Choose mobile phone set → display → wireless display, and then achieve the same screen connection.

E: How to use WeChat shake?

1. Make sure the phone and projector are connected to the same wireless.
2. Enter the phone settings page, point Bluetooth, turn on Bluetooth switch and open detection switch.
3. Open WeChat, click "find " on the bottom of the screen, click "shake" menu, "peripheral" appears.
4. Shake the phone, logo appears, click and enter.

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