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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Turned on, but have no picture?
Please check and ensure the power supply has been connected, short press ON/OFF key and then wait
for 2 seconds, please do not press the button continuously.
2. How to connect wifi?
Please follow the following steps:
Enter into settings module - wifi connection - check if the wifi is ok - connect the wifi
3. Projection ratio?
Projection ratio: 1.35:1
Projection size range: 40-120 inches
Recommended projection size: 50-80 inches
4.What devices are supported for projection?
Support mobile phones, ipad, laptops, Switch、PS4、TV set-top boxes for screen projection.
5. Does it support audio devices connection?
T2Max supports wired speakers, wired headphones, Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headphones,
audio device is in charge of sound and projector is in charge of projection after audio device connected.
The projector has its own speakers itself, which can sound as well.
6. Projection ways of the projector
T2Max have two ways to for projection:
1) Boot and with wifi connected, we can view films with the APP that built-in
2) Projection by connecting mobile phone, ipad, laptop, Switch、PS4 or TV set-top box etc.
7. What contents are supported for projection?
Projection is supported with video, pictures, documents, mobile games
8. How to download software, if it supports live TV?
It has Dangbei market built-in, we can download / install App applications, and view through connecting
the TV set-top box with HDMI.

9. How to adjust focus if picture is not clear

Please adjust focus loop on the top until the picture is clear. Please stop to rotate if the loop reaches to

the Left and Right maximum.
10. Why is the remote control not sensitive?
The remote control receiver is located in front of the projector, please aim the remote control at the
projection screen correctly.
11. Are there any significant differences in projection effects between day and night?
Yes, effect is better at night.
12. How long is the lens life of the projector T2Max?
>20000 hours (Under good heat dissipation)
13. Is there a built-in battery?
This product has no built-in battery who needs to be plugged in.
14. How to issue an invoice?
Electronic invoice can be provided, please select electronic invoice in the invoice type column if required
when you place the order, and please fill in with relevant information. Electronic invoice will be issued by
the system within 7 working days upon receipt of your confirmation, you can download it on the order
details page.
15. Notes for signing
Please check the signature notes so as to protect your rights
Please check if the outer packaging is in good condition when received. If the outer packaging is
damaged, dampened, deformed etc, be assured to open the box and check the goods to make sure it’s in
good condition and then sign it. Please reject directly If the products are damaged, Meanwhile, please
provide damaged photos to customer service to solve the problem.
If packaging’s damage, moisture, deformation and other conditions that results in abnormal appearance,
performance occur after signature, it may affect your rights and interests due to difficult definition on the
Please make sure address information is correct before placing an order, logistics costs for returning,
exchange or address change resulting from user's own reasons (telephone / address error, rejection,
return without reason etc.) or non-product quality problems, shall be born by the user.
16. Regarding return and warranty
Warranty for 1 year from the date of receipt, support 7 days return with no reason,15 days of replacement
guarantee for products that of quality problems;
Please provide proof of purchase (such as PO No) when returning, product needs to be kept as the
original quality and function, good appearance, trademark and accessories marks are complete, gift
should be returned together. Return will not be permitted If the goods are artificially damaged, lack of
packing boxes or spare parts. Logistics cost resulting from return will be born by user.
17. Customer service contacts
Online Service Time: 9:00-22:00
Telephone Service Time: 9:00-18:00
Customer Service Hotline :400-667-9388

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